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Do you know your online competition

Robert Saunders - Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Do you know your online competition?

Just a few years ago, it was enough to develop and publish your web site.  There was little competition for the choice keywords and relevant content that your customers were looking for.    Your competitors may have developed their own sites, but it was still relatively easy to separate yourself and get found by customers looking for your products or services.    Just 10 years ago, most businesses were still focused on traditional marketing, and may have even been skeptical of online marketing.   Very few businesses embraced the internet as a means to effectively market themselves.    And of those who did, few truly knew how to navigate the basic rules and principles needed to place their site at the top of a “search engine results page”.

But, oh how times have changed!   In the light-year speed at which the internet has evolved, we have seen a seismic shift from traditional marketing to online marketing.    Just about every business of every type now has their own web site.    There seems to be an endless supply of college kids and out-of-work techies who will build great looking web sites on the cheap.   And many businesses are beginning to understand the basic elements of “Search Engine Optimization” (a term that was relatively unknown just a couple years ago).   In essence, the internet is becoming a very crowded place.   Google has passed the one trillion mark for indexed pages.
So now what?   The internet is crowded and everyone wants the coveted top ten positions on a search engine results page.   Competition on the internet is fierce, and movement of just a few positions on Google can be worth millions, and even billions.    So how do you separate yourself from the pack and rise above the rest?   Well, the answer may be fairly simple but implementing an effective plan can be tedious.   There is one thing that has remained unchanged through all this turmoil.   Content is still king.   The bottom line is that the most relevant content will still be provided to the person looking for it.    The delivery of content may change along with the means by which we look for it.   Places like Facebook, Youtube, the Blogosphere, and countless Social Media sites all deliver content.   The number of users of these sites, and the content they’ve provided has exploded.    In essence, the sheer volume of content available on the internet today is absolutely mind numbing.

So this brings us back to the subject at hand.   Do you know your online competition?   When it comes to marketing your products or services online, do you really know who your competition is?   Are you competing directly with the XYZ Widget Company, or is there more to it than that?   The answer is that there is a lot more.    You are not just competing with XYZ, but also with all the conversation that exists on the web that relates to you and your products.    You are competing with all the conversation that takes place on Facebook, Twitter, the Blogosphere, video sites, article submission sites, social networking sites, etc…     So content is still king.   There just happens to be a whole lot of it.    And in today’s world of online marketing, the most relevant content will still be delivered to those looking for it.   Do you have a strategy in place to make sure you have the content, as well as the products and services that people want?   And do you have the means to make sure that your content, products, and services are found first when customers are looking for you?    Learn more at

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