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How Do Customers Make It In Your Door

Tracey Saunders - Saturday, January 12, 2013
As Customer Lobby blogger, Ted Paff describes in his post, consumers do research and take multiple paths to get to your door. He goes on to say that  some ask their friends for a suggestion; some ask a professional in a related field; some search online.  Asking for referrals/suggestions is as old as recorded history.  In a recent survey, Customer Lobby members estimated that 40-50% of new customers came from referrals.

But what about the other half?  What do they do first when they need a [insert your industry here]?  Not surprisingly, they search online.  But what do they look for?
#1 – They read your reviews

46% look for and read reviews about your business as a first step.  Even if they started with a Google search, 40% of them will first seek reviews from around the web and 60% will seek Google reviews first.  Reviews are now “table stakes” for a local business.

Your prospects are often finding your reviews through a branded search (i.e. typing you your company name and “reviews” into a search bar).  We track the keywords that searchers use to find Customer Lobby reviews pages and, by far, the most common search terms are “[insert company name] reviews” and “[insert industry name] reviews”.

#2 – They go to your website

30% of prospects first go to your website.  If your website is their first stop, its a good bet that your reviews will be their second stop.  This is a great opportunity to provide them a link to your best review content.  Check out our reviews as an example.

Regardless of how they get there, building your review asset is now as important (or more) than any other digital asset you have.

Need help?  WSI is an authorized partner of Customer Lobby and can get you started with a free reviews account!  We can also show you a demo and success stories!


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