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How to stay top of mind to your customers for next to nothin'.

Tracey Saunders - Tuesday, September 04, 2012

In the never ending battle of keeping your business top of mind to clients and prospects when they are ready for their next purchase, we have a new product to tell you about.   It is called Retargeting.  I was visiting with a fellow WSI Internet Consultant and this is what he told me about his clients that are currently running Pay Per Click campaigns: 

“I think it make sense for all search campaigns to have Retargeting.  You spent $3-$25 per click to get someone to your site.  Why not spend another $6-$8 per thousand impressions to remarket to those exact same people over the next 30 days following their visit.  Using our Total Banner Now, you get 3 great flash banner ads for only $950.  They are great!”

By running a Retargeting campaign, whenever someone visits your site, either directly or thru the PPC campaign, they will be “retargeted” for 30 days anywhere in the world.  That’s how Retargeting works.  It gives the impression that you are a huge marketer.   Anyone doing PPC should also be doing Retargeting with it. A $250 campaign has lasted over 100 days for a WSI client. 


We can get your business started today and you can start seeing results sooner than you think!

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