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Online Marketers; Trust Worthy or Vacuum Salesman

Robert Saunders - Friday, September 19, 2014

Online Marketers; Trust Worthy or Vacuum Salesman. How do you know if they’re the Real Deal, or do they just suck air?

Are you working with an Internet Marketing agency, or are you considering one? As business owners, we all have to trust in others to provide the services we need to keep our business operating and growing. But how do we know that these service providers are doing what they have promised, or that they are selling us what we really need. We all rely on these providers to match their services or products to our actual needs. And sometimes we need these providers to open our eyes to needs we perhaps didn’t know about.

One example of a service we all need comes to mind. We need telephone and data services to reach our current customers and potential clients. But with technological advances there are a plethora of choices and options. Is VoIP right for you, or POTS (plain old telephone service)? Do you need a PBX system? What options do you really need, and what options are the “bells and whistles” you’ll never use but pay for? Is a T1 data line enough? Too much? And what service provider will give you the best deal today, but jack up prices tomorrow? Now my head hurts!

Internet Marketing, also known as Digital Marketing, can be just as confusing. I’ll bet you get calls daily from some out-of-state internet marketing agency that promises you #1 ranking in Google, or that they’ll get rid of negative reviews, or that they’ll guarantee so many Internet Leads. These guys can be very convincing, but how do you know if they’re the real deal, or just sucking up air? Here is a pretty good hint; if they’re so good at Internet Marketing, why are they resorting to cold calling? Just ask your next caller that question.

So if you are looking for someone to guide you through the maze of Internet Marketing, here are a few guidelines we recommend.

  • Do they promise sky and moon? If anyone promises first place listing on Google you need to run away. Internet Marketing is a moving target. Nobody can guarantee results. Instead, ask them about their best practices.
  • Find someone local. If you have problems or issues, you’ll want to talk to somebody face to face.
  • How do they practice what they preach? What are the practices they utilize for their own business?
  • Can they provide proof of the results? Everything on the internet is measurable. If the analytics don’t match the rhetoric, then perhaps you should move on.
  • Staying up-to-date with Internet Marketing is like drinking from a fire hose. How do they stay up-to-date with ever changing technology?
  • What are their affiliations, and what industry associations do they belong to?
  • What do others think of them? Do other businesses recommend them? Do they have independent and verifiable online reviews?
  • And do they require a long term contract? If they don’t deliver, how do you end the relationship? Or can you? We recommend someone who will let you out of the agreement with a thirty day notice and never commit to more than one year of service.

And naturally, we recommend that you see how WSI stacks up to the competition when asked these questions. To find out more, visit us at, or call us at (405) 310-9745. We look forward to visiting with you.

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