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Support WSI - Saturday, September 22, 2012
LinkedIn and Your Reputation… 1 Free Tip As a digital marketing firm here in Orange County, we often work with individuals whose names are heavily associated with their brand, such as an attorney, or a consultant or a doctor (or a digital marketer ( One thing I can tell you with absolute certainty is in these cases those individuals names are searched on as much as the industry keywords associated with their brand. When it comes to your online reputation, control whatever you can. Here’s the Tip: Your LinkedIn profile is exc .....>> Read More

How to stay top of mind to your customers for next to nothin'.

Tracey Saunders - Tuesday, September 04, 2012
In the never ending battle of keeping your business top of mind to clients and prospects when they are ready for their next purchase, we have a new product to tell you about. It is called Retargeting. I was visiting with a fellow WSI Internet Consultant and this is what he told me about his clients that are currently running Pay Per Click campaigns: “I think it make sense for all search campaigns to have Retargeting ( You spent $3-$25 per click to get someone to your site. Why not spend another $6-$8 per thousand impressions to remark .....>> Read More

Local Search for Local Business

Robert Saunders - Thursday, February 16, 2012
Local Search - Local Customers for Local Businesses For most of us, our business is local, and we look locally for new customers. More importantly, our customers are local, looking for the local services or products we provide. So how do customers find our businesses? Let's face it; it's not the phone book any more. Most of us will search the internet before we crack open the book. Besides, many of us (me included) don't even take the plastic wrap off the book when we find it on the front porch. And fewer business are spending their marketing dollars on the many phone books that people do .....>> Read More

Search Habits - Google vs. Phone Book

Robert Saunders - Thursday, December 15, 2011
How our habits have changed. Google vs. the Phone Book. You may have heard statistics about how many people don’t even pick up the phone book anymore (fifty percent) (, or how the phone book may soon be phased out ( entirely. But what is really behind this shift in the way we find goods and services in our local markets? Let’s start with a short walk down memory lane. Prior to the “World Wide Web”, we let our “Fin .....>> Read More

Social Media and Change Management

Robert Saunders - Friday, December 09, 2011
Managing Social Media. Times are changing, are you? You might recall that way back in the 90’s, one of the buzz words in business was “Change Management”. Executives and managers were realizing that change was inevitable. Business could either let change happen on its own course, or they could engage in the changing environment and strategically adapt their business to meet new challenges. If you think about it, the one constant in business is change, and nothing has changed so dramatically as how we interact socially. We hear constantly from business owners th .....>> Read More

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