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What to do about all those Internet Marketing Phone solicitations

Robert Saunders - Saturday, June 06, 2015

What do you do when you get those annoying calls?

If you’re like most businesses, you receive relentless phone solicitations from Internet Marketing agencies or individuals who make extraordinary claims.  They usually boast about how they’ll have customers knocking down your door utilizing inbound marketing techniques.   These calls may come from fly-by-night names you’ve never heard of, or they may be from common names from days past.   Either way, you are right to suspicious of their claims.   I certainly am, especially when these guys try and sell me services that are inferior but similar to what I provide.

If you are considering utilizing the power of the internet to help market your business, then you are on the right track.   After all, why wouldn’t you want to market to people already interested in your products and services.   But determining how to get in front of these people can be confusing.   So when you get those annoying calls, here are the top seven questions you can ask to determine if they are right for your business.

Questions to ask those annoying callers:

  1. What Online Marketing techniques are best for my business?
  2. Do you have standard packages, or do you tailor a package that best suites my business?
  3. Can you explain to me exactly how your services work?
  4. Can you provide references from clients in my area?
  5. If I need to talk to somebody face to face, are you available?
  6. How do you report the progress and success of your Online Marketing?
  7. And here’s the big one:
  8. f you are so good at what you do, why are you relying on old-fashioned cold-calling to sell Online Marketing services?

If that anonymous voice on the other end of the phone can’t answer these questions, hang up.  Then research who in your area has a positive reputation for delivering results for their clients.   A simple Google search is a good place to begin. Then look into their Social Media profiles and search for verified customer reviews. Then when you are ready to talk to them, ask the seven questions and measure their response.   As with any business, there are outright frauds, under qualified wanna-bees, and legitimate providers.   Take the steps above you will find someone who can truly help you grow your business.

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