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So you know by now that a Mobile website is a critical part of your web presence. After all, 50% of Website Visits come from a mobile device.   Now you have a choice in how you deliver your website experience to visitors coming from a mobile device.   That can be from a separately designed website calibrated for easy viewing on a Smart Phone, with content that is relevant for that viewpoint.  Or it can be delivered from a Responsively Designed website that automatically responds (or reshapes itself) to the device that asks for it.

So Just What is Responsive Website Design?

" Responsive Website Design is a website built specifically so that it's content can be viewed easily on any device."  With Responsive design, you have one website that can reconfigure itself to be viewed from whatever device the visitor is using.  This utilizes the latest technology and most creative web layout architecture to deliver the best experience for the website visitor.

Mobile vs. Responsive

Responsive Website Design is the latest technology and is easily the best fit to achieve the goals of  most businesses.   But there are occasions where a separately designed Mobile Website is the best fit for your business.   For example, a restaurant menu from the full website might not give the mobile visitor the best experience.   A separate Mobile Designed Landing Page might be the best solution.  Another option is a separate Mobile App.  Mobile Apps work like a Mobile Website, but provide more functionality and is software that actually reside on your clients phone.   A Mobile App might be a good option if your clients need frequent access to your services.   For example, a Mobile App from your plumber might provide preferred access after hours or in the event of an emergency.


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