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So if people are looking for your goods and services from a mobile device, what kind of experience will they get if you don't have a Mobile Website?    How challenging is it for site visitors to view your content and find the relevant information they need? Are they likely to leave in frustration and go to your competitors?

Fact: Almost 50% of all web searches come from a mobile device.

So how do you know if it's time for you to offer your site visitors a separate mobile website.  Here are some interesting facts that might help influence your decision to "Go Mobile.":

 Mobile Design vs. Responsive Design

The purpose of mobile is  to deliver the best experience to website visitors.  There are two ways to accomplish this; either by Responsive Design, or a separate Mobile web design. For some businesses and their websites, one of these methods might be preferred over the other.   To find out which design might work best for you, contact us for a website review and analysis.   Call us at (405) 317-9980, for send us a message with our online form and we'll reply directly.

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