Banner Ads and Re-Targeting Marketing

Do you ever feel like you're being followed online? Have you ever wondered just how is it that those banner ads seem to follow you from website to website? And have you ever thought "Is it possible for those ads to work for my business?"   The answer is Absolutely Yes. Online banner ads are an inexpensive and very effective way to promote your brand and keep your business at top of mind awareness.

Top of Mind Awareness

When drivers pass by those electronic billboards, they're most often paying attention to the road, not the billboards. When readers turn the pages of a magazine or newspaper, they're most often looking for an article, not the ads. But online banner ads are different. First of all, the website visitor is focused with their eyeballs pointed right at that banner ad. The impression is strong. And, website visitors are actively searching for something. They are already a long way through the buying or decision making process. Your banner ad placed at the right place and time could be the reinforcement needed to help site visitors make their decision.

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