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Local Search for Local Business

Robert Saunders - Thursday, February 16, 2012

Local Search - Local Customers for Local Businesses

For most of us, our business is local, and we look locally for new customers. More importantly, our customers are local, looking for the local services or products we provide. So how do customers find our businesses? Let's face it; it's not the phone book any more. Most of us will search the internet before we crack open the book. Besides, many of us (me included) don't even take the plastic wrap off the book when we find it on the front porch. And fewer business are spending their marketing dollars on the many phone books that people don't even open anymore. So if the Internet is now the place where people find the things they need or want, how do we make sure that our business is the one people find first?

"If you're not found online, it's like having a store front without a sign. People will walk right past your front door and not even know you're there. And they'll keep walking straight to your competition."

So back to the question at hand; how do customers find us? The answer is that we are not so much found as we are delivered. Search engines and directories provide an answer to a question asked by people looking for something. The most successful search engines, like Google, pride themselves in delivering the most relevant result to a search. In fact they're fanatical about it. They know that their livelihood rests on providing the most relevant result. So if we want to be found, we have to convince the search engines and online local directories that we deserve to be delivered to people looking for us.

Enter the Local Search Specialist. Trying to convince the search engines and directories can be a daunting task that requires many hours and an understanding of how these providers work. And let's face it; we're in the business of operating our business. Everything else can be a costly distraction. So engaging a Specialist can be well worth the investment. It's a fact that the cost of acquiring a new customer by utilizing the internet can be a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods, such as the phone book. Talk to your Local Search Specialist to find out how.


By  Robert Saunders, WSI Analytical Internet Marketing

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