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What to do about all those Internet Marketing Phone solicitations

Robert Saunders - Saturday, June 06, 2015
What do you do when you get those annoying calls? If you’re like most businesses, you receive relentless phone solicitations from Internet Marketing agencies or individuals who make extraordinary claims. They usually boast about how they’ll have customers knocking down your door utilizing inbound marketing techniques. These calls may come from fly-by-night names you’ve never heard of, or they may be from common names from days past. Either way, you are right to suspicious of their claims. I certainly am, especially when these guys try and sell me services that are  .....>> Read More


Tracey Saunders - Saturday, May 17, 2014
Cold calling: phone slams in your ear, reading a script, hang-ups, excuses, questions, nos, nos and more nos. Ah Yes, the life of a typical salesperson: trapped behind a desk, given a quota and asked to work magic. But, it doesn't need to be that way. In the event that this sounds like you and you're searching for a way out, you've come to the right place! During the month of April, we built amazing materials on the subject of Social Selling. We are confident that you will love our most recent creations and that it can help you execute amazing changes in your selling .....>> Read More

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