Social Media is an Interactive Online Conversation
Are you engaged?

Basically speaking, Social Media is a conversation taking place online.   It may take place between people with similar interests, such as Oklahoma musicians and artists, scientists or Justin Bieber fans.   It could also be about your latest company news, employees and officers, successes and missteps.   Or it could be about your disgruntled Customer Service representative who just had a really bad day (think about the Jet Blue Steward who went berserk).   Social Media is going on whether you're engaged in it or not.   

Controlling Social Media in Oklahoma can be like riding the meanest bull at the rodeo.   It will take you for a wild ride, changing direction suddenly and without notice, and likely leaving you bruised and humiliated.   Or Social Media could be like herding cattle to greener pastures.    Either way, ignoring the conversation and hoping it goes away rarely turns out well.

Social Media Strategy KitOur Social Media strategy kit is an all inclusive guide to managing your Social presence online.   This guide will help you and your staff properly setup your Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts so that you can stay engaged in the conversation, manage your online reputation, and create buzz about your products and services.

You and your staff will learn how to monitor and create the "buzz" and reply to your followers without spending hours per day.   And you'll learn the do's and don'ts of Social Media etiquette and the value and rewards that your followers can bring to your business.

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