What Makes WSI Different?

Why WSI?  Simply put, we are the only local Internet Marketing Agency with world wide resources.   While we dedicate our services and expertise to local Oklahoma businesses, we also bring the expertise of over 1,100 WSI consultants just like us from around the world.   Plus, we have hundreds of technicians on hand to tackle the most intricate challenges. There is no project to large for us to handle (or too small), and no problem too great for us to overcome. If your project is large and complex, we'll assemble a team and manage the project effectively to completion.  For smaller projects, we'll handle that directly in-house.

Who we serve?  We provide our services to small and medium sized businesses in Oklahoma.   Although we can offer our services virtually all around the world, we chose from the onset to keep our focus right here in Oklahoma.   We prefer to meet our clients face-to-face.   And when issues arise, our clients know where to find us.   We're here and we're accessible.

Who are we?   We're local Oklahoma, born and raised here.   We are local business people like you.   We understand the headaches involved in meeting a payroll, managing assets, building your brand, meeting deadlines, and marketing a brand effectively.   We also understand the joys of success. After all, that's why we're all in business.


Robert Saunders


Meet Robert Saunders, the Managing Partner at WSI (AIM) Analytical Internet Marketing in OKC. With CEO experience, Robert understands that by offering a quality product and by putting the customer first, everyone wins. Call Robert now at 405.317.9980.





Meet Tracey Saunders, WSI AIM Operating Partner.   With retail experience and small business ownership, Tracey knows how to put the customer first at all levels. Call Tracey at 405.317.9981.



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