How Do You Know if Digital Marketing is Right for You?

How do you know if digital marketing is right for your business?   The simple answer is this.

The internet is where people go to find answers to their questions. If your prospects are there, you need to be there too.>

The use of digital devices, from the desk-top computer to your smartphone, has matured into an integral part of our everyday lives.  Our minds are becoming hard wired to rely on the internet for everything from restaurant and product reviews to complex answers to life's puzzling questions.   And when we want to purchase the things we need, we usually start online.  If you own a business, or are responsible for marketing, then you have a greater chance for success if you can get the attention of the consumer who is already well along the buying path.   But, if you're not found online, it's like having a store front without  a sign.   People will walk right past your door and not even know you are there.

I don't want to buy what you're pushing, so DON'T interrupt me anymore! 

Traditional advertising is often called "interruption marketing".  You're watching your favorite TV show, highly engaged and anticipating the surprise ending, then Sha-Bam; you're suddenly in the middle of the latest car insurance commercial.   Or, you're minding your own business when your phone rings and someont tries to sell you something you don't want. 

On the otherhand, with Inbound Marketing you have the opportunity to directly engage people already in the buying cycle.   They are actively looking for someone to satisfy their need.   You just need to let them know that you are the one that can best provide what they are looking for.

You don't have to run faster that the bear, just faster than the guy nest to you!


Another great benefit of Digital Marketing is that you can easily measure your results.   You can determine what is working and actually driving conversions.  You can also measure what your competitors are doing to market themselves online.   This is important in determining your budget for Digital Marketing.  If you're losing business to your competitors, you can find out what they are doing to market themselves online by conducting an online Competitive Analysis, and them develop a strategy to match or exceed their efforts.


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